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Achmelvich Bay | Hidden Beach in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

This gorgeous beach is absolutely stunning, with its white sandy setting and turquoise sea colour, it's no wonder it's regarded as one of the best beaches in Scotland.

Image of Achmelvich Bay in Scotland
Photo by @kezzaoxxx on Instagram

If you're a lover of golden sandy beaches with crystal clear water, then you should definitely be heading to Achmelvich Bay. If you're lucky, you might even see a seal! It can get a bit busy during the summer, but it'll be a lot quieter than the majority of Scottish beaches.

The most amazing beach in UK for me so far! Before my favourite was Tresaith Beach with a waterfall on the beach. But the turquoise water of Achmelvich definitely makes it the winner for me! – Google Review

On a clear day, Achmelvich Bay is often described as a beach that looks like it's from the Mediterranean Sea. Even though the water is clear and coloured light blue, please take caution as there may be some jellyfish lurking around.

Things to know before visiting Achmelvich Bay

  • Achmelvich Bay is a sandy beach.

  • The exact postcode for this beach is IV27 4JB.

  • Apparently dogs are allowed on this beach, just not in the nearby campsite.

  • There are no lifeguards present at this beach.

  • The beach has a cafe, toilets, and a car park.

  • The road down to Achmelvich Bay is quite narrow and can be quite tricky to get down at times.

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