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Ardvreck Castle Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

This amazing waterfall is located just opposite the Ardvreck Castle. It's a beautiful multi-level waterfall which is visible from the road and the castle, however it is well worth an up-close look! It's definitely worth a little de-tour after visiting the Ardvreck Castle.

Image of Ardvreck Castle Waterfall in Scotland.
Photo taken by @hikesimple via Instagram.

Ardvreck Castle Waterfall is a beautiful secluded waterfall right is directly opposite the Ardvreck Castle. You'll be surprised at how often this hidden gem gets missed by visitors of the actual castle. It's not signposted very well (which is perfect!) but it's well worth the short walk to have a look.

Very nice waterfalls. A short walk from the castle, so you can park in the castle parking, walk to the castle, and then here afterwards. It's very nice, and worth a visit, if you're stopping. Otherwise, you can catch a glimpse of it, when driving past. – Google Review

You can kill two birds with one stone when you visit this location, as you'll get to see not just a castle, but a pretty cool waterfall too! There is a worm path which you can use to walk from the castle to the falls, and it's also a very picturesque spot for all you photography lovers.

Image of Ardvreck Castle Waterfall in Scotland.
Photo taken by @caravanroadtrip via Instagram.

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