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Clashnessie Falls | Hidden Waterfall in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

Clashnessie Falls is a gorgeous waterfall located in the small coastal village of Clashnessie. Once you get up and close to the waterfall it's absolutely huge especially after a few heavy days of rainfall so please take caution as the water can be quite intense.

Image of Clashnessie Falls in Scotland.
Photo taken by @dykesbob55 via Instagram.

Clashnessie Falls is a huge and beautiful waterfall which you can walk right up to (we don't recommend doing this on a rainy day whilst water is gushing down!). It's very impressive from up close as well as afar, and you'll only need to walk around 10-15 mins from the nearest car park to get to it.

Definitely worth the stop down at the cove and taking a short walk in. It can be muddy after heavy rainfall so be sure to wear appropriate footwear. If you can do so safely, it’s worth a trip to the top of Clashnessie Falls for some striking scenery! – Google Review

For those planning to visit Clashnessie Falls, we recommend wearing wellies or good walking boots as it gets quite marshy at points, even on a dry day!

Things to know before visiting Clashnessie Falls

  • Clashnessie Falls are dog-friendly.

  • Appropriate footwear is required - no trainers!

  • Dogs are allowed however are not allowed to swim in the pond.

Image of Clashnessie Falls in Scotland.
Photo taken by @hell0uise via Instagram.

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