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Best wild swimming spots in the Peak District

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track wild swimming spots scattered across the Peak District.

Wild swimming popularity has increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's no surprise why, the benefits of wild swimming are incredible! Luckily for Peak District residents as well as holiday tourists heading to the Peaks, there are plenty of wild swimming spots to go ahead!

So if you’re a keen wild swimming lover, then sit back and write down some of these amazing hidden swimming spots for your next adventure in the Peak District!

1) Lumb Hole Falls

The Lumb Hole Falls is a stunning example of true Yorkshire beauty. It's very easy to get to with a pleasant walk, and at the end is this stunning waterfall which cascades into the plunge pool below. Perfect for a dip!

2) Chee Dale

Described as one of the most beautiful walks in the Peak District, Chee Dale is best known for its stepping stones. However what most people don't know is that wild swimming can easily be done here! Obviously it depends on the previous day of rainfall/if enough water is flowing about, but it's definitely a great place to swim!

3) Three Shires Head

The Three Shires Head is a brilliant spot with lovely waterfalls and pools to swim in! Although it is freezing 85% of the time, it is definitely worth it. The pools are deep enough to have a swim however we do not recommend diving in.

4) Mermaid’s Pool

Mermaid's Pool is a gorgeous hidden gem which is best visited after a day of heavy rainfall. The hike up is challenging, but its really fun! Especially if you stick to the stream itself and don't mind getting a bit wet.

5) Blake Mere Pool

The Black Mere Pool is a great spot for a bit of photography and the story behind the location is great, depending on which tale you go with! There is however signs saying no swimming due to dangerous objects under the water, so please do take extra care.

6) Slippery Stones

Slippery Stones is a gorgeous stone bridge located over the River Derwent. It's an amazing spot for a picnic, and of course a cheeky wild swim on a warm day! It's described as one of the best wild swimming spots in the Peak District, so you should definitely check out this spot the next time your in the Peaks.

7) Youlgreave

The Peak District has some of the best wild swimming spots in the UK, and the Youlgreave swimming spot has got to be up there located on the River Bradford. The spot has been carved out of the rock so that it's deep enough to swim in, however it is only 1.5 metres at its greatest depth.

8) Sparth Reservoir

The Sparth Reservoir is a great place to enjoy some wild swimming, but make sure to bring your wet suit as it is freezing here!! It does get deep very quickly so we don't recommend it to non swimmers or very young children. There are steps going right down into the water to make it easier to get in.

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the less known wild swimming spots which are scattered around the Peak District. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your Peak District trip even more memorable!

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