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De'Longhi: The coffee machine every explorer needs

We were lucky enough to try the Eletta Explore Bean to Cup coffee machine and it's safe to say we use it every single day! If you're a hiker or are simply a coffee lover, then you need to check out this ultimate coffee machine!

Eletta Explore Bean to Cup coffee machine with Cold Brew Technology

Our First Impressions

We were lucky enough to collaborate with De'Longhi on what I can say is the best coffee machine out there! We'd had enough of your standard instant coffee, and being a massive daily coffee drinker, it seemed we were destined for this machine.

The variations it makes are abundant (hot and cold) and the ease and simplicity of the whole process is excellent for us. All steps are clearly illustrated on the (far too nice) display. Even the cleaning reminders and instructions are clear. You basically don't need the manual.

After a few months of use (primarily hot coffee now Autumn is approaching) we can firmly recommend this machine.

Our favourite features

  • Taste! Depends on the beans, of course, but we're completely satisfied here. The selection of drinks is very convincing and it is easy to adjust the amount of liquid, intensity of the coffee, as well as the temperature. We love the fact that everything can be saved and retrieved quickly making it very user-friendly.

  • Design! We think the slim and space-saving design is first-class. There isn't much space in our current kitchen and the width of the fully automatic machine played a major role here. The design is really chic and high-quality. The sealed bean tray is also handy.

  • Cleanliness! We like the “cleanliness of the device” - making sure you rinse briefly after each use of the milk tank, as well as the drip-tank. After every coffee which is made the machine automatically cleans itself too.

  • Functions! It's great that a standard coffee mug or the on-the-go mug which they provide can also be used here. The cold drinks are certainly also a winner especially during the summer!

  • Software! Menu navigation, settings and programming options (own profiles) and the selection of drinks (hot, ice-cold, coffee pot) are not only sufficient but also in the top league!

The coldness!!

We got this coffee machine just as the Summer season was starting to end, but we managed to try out some of the cold coffee features which were amazing! We tried the cold Iced Latte and it amazed us how we were able to make this type of coffee so quick and easy at the comfort of our home. You would easily pay £4.99 for this in a typical coffee shop.

The Final Score

Overall, we are in love with the Eletta Explore Bean to Cup coffee machine. All the maintenance steps are clearly illustrated on the display, and we've never had to use the manual to do simple maintenance tasks as changing the filter, descaling etc.

So to sum up, with this machine you get more time to enjoy your excellent coffee and spend less time fiddling with the machine. A must buy!

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