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MGP Nutrition: The underrated performance product for the hikers

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We were lucky enough to try many products from the MGP Nutrition range, including their hydration drinks and snacks! Make sure to keep reading the article as readers of UK Hidden Gems get an amazing 15% discount for MGP Nutrition!

MGP Nutrition is a distinctive line of delectable and nutritious beverages that were initially created for golfers and are now loved by people who participate in all sports. However, it is still yet to make it's way to the hiking world.

Our First Impressions

One of the nicest sports drinks I've ever had, I wish these little beauties were sold in the corner shops near me! The likes of Lucozade and other similar beverages have never really appealed to me, but these are revolutionary!

They're so hydrating and the pineapple flavour is phenomenal, very strong but not overly strong in potency. You won't want to go back once you try these if, like me, you have previously found sports drinks' flavours to be somewhat bland or uninspired.

The protein cookies are absolutely amazing too! I'm in love with the chocolate orange one, with the banana and cashew coming in at second! They are so tasty, with only being under 200 calories per bar, and kept me going for hours! They are a much healthier nutritional option than eating saturated fats in sugar-laden chocolate bars, and they are delicious.

Get your vitamins!

As stated, the guys at MGP have made sure there are plenty of vitamins, including B, C, and D to help improve cardiovascular health and strengthen the immune system. If you're a bit of a health nut like me too, you'll love the added vitamins. You can't really taste them, but it's awesome to know they're in there and doing you some good.

So in essence, these are like a hydrating sports drink AND an immunity-boosting healthy drink combined. It also saves the hassle of purchasing additional vitamins etc. Since being UK residents mean we don't get much sun during the winter (or majority of the year), we could all do with the extra Vitamin D!

The cost

Given the current price of £24 for a 12-pack, the MGP hydration drinks come out to be £2 each, which aren't too bad, but might be steep for some. The drinks themselves, however, are really lovely.

This fits all the criteria I was looking for in a nutritious product to enjoy both after a vigorous workout at the gym and after a strenuous hike discovering hidden gems. Along with dextrose, which boosts energy, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. After consuming these, I do feel fantastic.

The Final Score

As someone who has tried the majority of vitamin waters available to me, this one stands out as the nicest tasting. It is a bit sweeter than I would have preferred it but it is delicious. The cookies are perfect for those looking for a quick-healthy snack which actually has some flavour to it!

It gives me a good refreshing feeling and on the basis of the initial results, I highly recommend it to you guys reading! I really love how convenient these are to consume.

Overall I am very happy with these; they are truly tasty fruity refreshing drinks and convenient nutritious bars, especially when chilled. If you're going on an adventurous hike; whether that's climbing a mountain or exploring hidden gems, this you should definitely have a few of these in your backpack!

Discount, discount, discount!

The guys at MGP Nutrition have been kind enough to offer an amazing 15% discount for UK Hidden Gems readers! For those wanting to purchase some of their products, you can use the code 'HIDDENGEM' at checkout!

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