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Dinas Dinlle Beach | Hidden Beach in Wales

Updated: Mar 6

Dinas Dinlle Beach is a wild, beautiful, ancient shoreline facing West into the Irish sea. The sunsets are absolutely amazing, as are the views back over Snowdonia. It's a dog friendly beach so please remember to pick your litter up after you.

Image of Dinas Dinlle Beach in Wales
Photo by @moonlight_lodge_wales on Instagram

You won't find many tourists or crowds when you visit Dinas Dinlle Beach, and it's a surprise why! It offers great views of Snowdon mountains, as well as amazing sunsets on a clear day. If you have an interest in history, then there is a really cool WW2 Bunker you can check out whilst you're here.

Quite possibly my favourite beach. Lots of free parking, reasonable cafes, clean sandy beach and beautiful clear waters. Amazing Iron Age hillfort with WWII bunker. Great day for the kids – Google Review

FAQs/Things to know before visiting Dinas Dinlle Beach

1) Where is Dinas Dinlle Beach located?

Dinas Dinlle Beach is located on the north coast of Wales, near the village of Dinas Dinlle and the town of Caernarfon.

2) What makes Dinas Dinlle Beach a hidden gem?

Dinas Dinlle Beach is considered a hidden gem due to its scenic beauty, with a long sandy beach, panoramic views of Snowdonia and the Llŷn Peninsula, and its quieter atmosphere compared to more popular beaches in the area.

3) How do I get to Dinas Dinlle Beach?

Access to Dinas Dinlle Beach is by car or public transportation. Visitors can drive along the A499 road and follow signs for Dinas Dinlle, where there is parking available near the beach. Alternatively, there are bus services from nearby towns and villages.

4) Is there an entrance fee to visit Dinas Dinlle Beach?

No, there is no entrance fee to visit Dinas Dinlle Beach as it is a public beach open to all visitors.

5) What can I expect to find at Dinas Dinlle Beach?

At Dinas Dinlle Beach, visitors can expect to find a long stretch of sandy beach backed by low sand dunes and a promenade. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, picnicking, beachcombing, and swimming, with views of Caernarfon Bay and the surrounding coastline.

6) Are there facilities available at Dinas Dinlle Beach?

Facilities at Dinas Dinlle Beach include car parking, public toilets, and a cafe or snack bar during the summer months. There are also lifeguards on duty during peak season for added safety.

7) Is Dinas Dinlle Beach suitable for families and children?

Yes, Dinas Dinlle Beach is suitable for families and children, with shallow waters and lifeguards on duty during the summer months. Parents should still supervise children closely, especially near the water.

8) Can I bring my dog to Dinas Dinlle Beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Dinas Dinlle Beach, but owners are expected to keep them on a leash and clean up after them to maintain the cleanliness of the beach.

9) What activities can I do at Dinas Dinlle Beach?

Visitors to Dinas Dinlle Beach can enjoy a variety of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, beach games, kite flying, and coastal walks along the promenade or nearby trails.

10) What is the best time to visit Dinas Dinlle Beach?

Dinas Dinlle Beach can be visited all year-round, but it's particularly popular during the summer months when the weather is warmer and the sea is calmer. It's also quieter during weekdays or outside of peak tourist seasons, providing a more relaxed experience.

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