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10 Best Hidden Beaches in Wales to visit this summer

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track beaches scattered across Wales.

Locations such as Cornwall, Devon and even Norfolk are often people's first thought for a beach-filled summer holiday. However, if you fancy escaping all those crowds and having the beaches all to yourself, you might want to head to Wales! Rewarding visitors with some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, Wales should be up there for all those sun seekers!

Here are 10 of the best white sand beaches in Wales, a country with breath-taking scenery that goes far beyond its mountains, lakes, and rivers.

1) Porthsychan Beach

This little gem is secluded beach which you'll be surprised to know that even majority of the locals don't know about! It's best reached via a coastal path, however it is mainly pebble and shingle so we wouldn't recommend for those looking for a golden sandy beach. Porthsychan Beach is also great for rock-pooling!

2) Mowingword Bay

Home to some of the most unique rock formations across all of Wales is the gorgeous beach Mowingword Bay. We recommend visiting at low tide to experience the golden sand so please do check the tide times before visiting. The best thing about this beach is there is more than enough space for everybody to enjoy!

3) Conigar Pit Beach

Another beach which is best admired at low tide is Conigar Pit Beach. When at low tide, its a gorgeous wide stretch of beach with features a little cove perfect for those who enjoy fossil hunting. If you do venture into the cove, please do check the tide times so you don't get cut off here!

4) Traeth Mawr Beach

It's a bit of an adventure to get to but it is definitely worth it! Traeth Mawr Beach is a lovely hidden gem of a beach which even features some cool rocks that the kids can climb on. However, it's worth noting access can be quite difficult with visitors needing to get on the ladder on the cliff face to use.

5) Church Doors Cove

Another beach which is difficult to get to (but that's why its hidden!). You'll have to climb down around 150 steps in order to discover the beach and the famous Church Door, but just look at what's waiting for you! It is such a stunning sight to see what the waves have created across millions of years.

6) Musselwick Beach

Musselwick Beach is a real hidden gem perfect for those wanting to visit a secluded beach in Wales. The beach is only accessible during low to mid tide, so we recommend planning your journey and checking tide times beforehand. Musselwick Beach has everything you could ask for; rock pools, soft sand, and gorgeous clear water.

7) Porthmynawyd Beach

Porthmynawyd Beach is a small quiet beach hidden within a cove. It's about a 10 minute walk from the road so it shouldn't be too difficult to access, and the beach features a mixture of sand and pebbles. There are also some craggy cliffs perfect for climbing and rock pooling.

8) Blue Pool Bay

An absolute stunning hidden gem perfect for those who love the beach. We definitely recommend visiting at low tide, especially if you want to take a look at the Broughton Bay Tidal Pool which is nearby!

9) Monk Haven Beach

Monk Haven Beach is a really nice hidden bay which has some interesting castle ruins ready to be explored. It's an amazing hidden gem to relax and get some Vitamin D, and also to explore a little bit of history too.

10) Porthmelgan Beach

Porthmelgan Beach is a secluded small beach on the Pembrokeshire coast near the Whitesands. It's the perfect spot to get away from the crowds, and you'll be surprised at how many people can't be bothered to visit due to the 20 minute coastal walk!

There you have it! These are 10 of our favourite hidden beaches located in Wales, perfect for your next adventure! Whether you plan to do a road trip around Wales or are visiting for the summer, you should definitely check out some of these hidden beaches.

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