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Dinorwig Quarry | Hidden Gem in Wales

Updated: Jan 2

Welcome to Dinorwig Quarry, home to the second-largest slate quarry in the world. At it's height in the late 19th century, thousands of men were employed to extract about 450,000 tonnes a year.

Image of Dinorwig Quarry in Wales.
Photo taken by @goldenredsnake via Instagram.

The dramatic view brings together two Welsh icons; you can see the country's highest mountain Snowdon, as well as the towering walls of slate in the foreground nod to the industry which reshaped the landscape here over centuries.

Amazing place that captures the essence of what it must have been like working and living here all those years ago. – Google Review

As an important part of Welsh industrial and cultural heritage, Dinorwig Quarry has been nominated by the UK Government for the UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Things to know before visiting Dinorwig Quarry

  • Dinorwig Quarry is dog friendly however we recommend they stay on the lead.

  • Please do take extra care when visiting, and do not attempt anything dangerous.

  • There nearest car park is located at LL55 4TY and costs £4 for the whole day.

Image of Dinorwig Quarry in Wales.
Photo taken by @naomi_charlotte_x via Instagram.

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