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Hodge Close Quarry | Hidden Gem in England

Updated: Jan 2

Hodge Close Quarry is a flooded quarry which features peaceful air in it. It's a great area to explore but please be cautious as it can be some what dangerous. Fans of The Witcher will also recognise this hidden gem.

Image of Hodge Close Quarry in England
Photo taken by @tash_outdoors via Instagram.

Atmospheric is the word we're going to use to describe Hodge Close Quarry, and judging by the photos it's clear to see why! It looks like it should be in a horror movie, with the skull visible in the rising water.

A do-able walk from Coniston, at around 1 hour 15 minutes, but it gets quite steep near the quarry. But it is looks amazing. – Google Review

This hidden gem was used in the Netflix series The Witcher (season 2 episode 3 to be precise) which also used the very scary image of the skull!

Things to know before visiting Hodge Close Quarry

  • We do NOT recommend swimming in any type of quarry.

  • Hodge Close Quarry is dog friendly.

  • There is free parking available near this hidden gem however it is very limited.

Image of Hodge Close Quarry in England
Photo taken by @tash_outdoors via Instagram.

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