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Gastack Beck Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Yorkshire, England

Updated: Jan 2

This gorgeous small waterfall is waiting for you in the Yorkshire Dales. It's an amazing gem hidden away in the middle of nowhere, and is normally missed by the majority of people. Visitors can also enjoy a refreshing but chilly dip if they decide to.

Image of Gastack Beck Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @davidwhittakerphoto via Instagram.

Out of the many falls around this place, Gastack Beck Waterfall is one of the most easiest to access in terms of accessibility. For all you wild swimmers out there, you'll be pleased to hear it has a big water reservoir where you can jump in and make a short swim.

Beautiful stunning waterfall where you can do wild swimming. The falls is approximately 6 metres tall. You can hear the waterfall from the road. – Google Review

Unfortunately there isn't much parking near Gastack Beck Waterfall; as there's only a spot for only one car right outside the fall. As well as this, it's a very narrow lane for vehicles so due to this we suggest planning your journey on foot (why not walk from the village?).

Things to know before visiting Gastack Beck Waterfall

  • Visitors can enjoy wild swimming when they visit Gastack Beck Waterfall.

  • Gastack Beck Waterfall is dog friendly.

Image of Gastack Beck Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @thewandering_idiot via Instagram.

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