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Harmby Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in Yorkshire, England

Updated: Jan 2

An absolute beauty of a hidden gem which normally you would drive past without realising that over the wall and behind the trees was this breath-taking waterfall. Once parked up, its only a 1 minute walk to these stunning falls of Harmby Waterfall.

Image of Harmby Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @opening_shots content via Instagram.

Harmby Waterfall really is a hidden gem, and it's no surprise why. Only a few steps from your car you'll suddenly be in a deep ravine under a thundering waterfall which makes you feel like you're deep in the wilderness. It's a must-visit for those who are in the area.

A lovely little waterfall, but not the destination place to visit during a drought, lolol. More spectacular after rainfall, having said that, twas still a pleasing, soothing 'sprayfall'. – Google Review

It's not very accessible from one side as there are some steep stairs, however if you manage to get down to the falls it's totally worth it! It's safe to say this is a hidden gem, and we recommend visiting especially after heavy rainfall!

Things to know before visiting Harmby Waterfall

  • Unfortunately there are no toilets present at Harmby Waterfall.

  • This waterfall is dog-friendly.

  • It is free to visit this waterfall.

  • There is on-street parking available.

Image of Harmby Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @chris.b.cartwright via Instagram.

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