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Glenashdale Falls | Hidden Waterfall in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

Glenashdale Falls has been around for over 20 years, and we're still surprised how it's still not a popular attraction in Scotland! There is even a newly-built viewing platform which is just over the falls to give a very clear view of the double falls. The falls part into a plunge pool which is perfect for a quick dip.

Image of Glenashdale Falls in Scotland.
Photo taken by via Instagram.

We recommend doing the walk as you'll get to see Glenashdale Falls as well as Giant's Grave. Our preferable way of doing the way is to do it anti-clockwise which allows you to have a long steady walk to the waterfall and then onto the Giant's Grave with a steep descent.

Lovely. About 40 mins in each direction for a moderately fit 60 year old. Couple of slopes but nothing major especially if you take your time. Nice falls with picnic table at the top – Google Review

Glenashdale Falls is spectacular especially after a day of heavy rain, and is often described as one of the best in Scotland (though not many people know about it!). It's a great photo opportunity for all you photographers out there, and it's definitely one to visit the next time you visit Scotland.

Things to know before visiting Glenashdale Falls

  • Glenashdale Falls is dog friendly.

  • We recommend wearing appropriate footwear when visiting the falls.

  • The car park is very small for this location, however there is nearby parking in the village.

Image of Glenashdale Falls in Scotland.
Photo taken by @garydempsterphotography via Instagram.

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