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Hidden gem beach to visit this summer and gets compared to Bali

This hidden gem is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall.

Tucked away at the far end of a craggy granite bay is this hidden gem beach; surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and near-white sandy shore.

The name Pedn Vounder translates from the Cornish 'pedn', meaning head or end and 'vounder', meaning lane - so, 'end of lane', which could be used to describe most beaches!

The Pedn Vounder beach is located at the eastern end of the bay which makes up Porthcurno Cove; and if the tide is out enough, you'll be able to walk to Pedn Vounder from Porthcurno Beach.

However, we strongly advise double checking as if the tide comes in, you will not only find yourself cut off but you'll also be facing a climb up the steer cliff path.

Image of Pedn Vouder in Cornwall

It's worth nothing that Pedn Vounder is an unofficial naturist beach. So it's worth baring this in mind in case it's not really your thing!

Over the years, Pedn Vounder has increased in popularity, and it's no suprise why. It's somewhat been the 'poster child' for Cornwall's most beautiful beaches, and because of this has been featured in national news and is surely on everybody's bucket list!

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