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One of the UK's best hidden gems is hidden beneath the streets of Newcastle

Not many people know this (even the Newcastle locals!), and is has been named as one of the best hidden gems in the whole of the UK!

Going back to 1939, this hidden gem was converted into an air-raid shelter in order to protect thousands of Newcastle citizens during World War 2.

On Tripadvisor, this hidden gem has been ranked as the number one thing out of over 300+ things to do in Newcastle.

Image of Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle

This hidden gem is called The Victoria Tunnel; and is a subterranean wagonway which runs underneath the city of Newcastle, and all the way from the Town Moor down to the River Tyne.

At the end of World War 2, majority of the fittings were removed from the tunnel and all of it's entrances were closed, except at Ouse Street.

Today, visitors can be rewarded with guided tours, as the tunnel is now owned by The Ouseburn Trust.

Image of Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle

The entrance to Victoria Tunnel can be found in Ouseburn, which is next to Hotel Du Vin. Visitors are provided with a helmet before setting off underground on a guided tour so that you can learn all about the tunnel's long history.

Victoria Tunnel also hosts cool events such as 'Tipple in the Tunnel', which is a wine-tasting event. They also do the event 'Sound of the Underground' which sees performances from local musicians in the tunnel.

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