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Just off the edge of Dartmoor national park, we witnessed one of the best-hidden scenic walks to the UK. We found Lydford Gorge in South West England. We were expecting your average afternoon walk with some great scenery but was all stunned to witness the type of path we came across.


When walking through the 1.5-mile long footpath along the side of the River Lyd. The trail itself was not flat which made it more interesting instead we came across a trail that can be steep, tight and dangerous with high drops. You Just know the type of trail it was when you saw they provided handrails in the middle of the gorge.

In 1947, Lydford Gorge was claimed and kept up by the National Trust. Maintaining the home of some outstanding water features like the 100-foot drop of the White Lady Waterfall which is found at the start of the trail. During your walk, you will come across a bridge that passes over a sudden drop in the river where you will find a few whirlpools known as the “Fallen Angel’s Cauldron”. Perfect for our readers that love capturing scenes with their cameras.

How to get there:

Follow the brown signs from the A30 or A386. Situated halfway between Okehampton and Tavistock, 1 mile west off A386 opposite Dartmoor Inn: Devil’s Cauldron entrance at west end of Lydford village; Waterfall entrance near Manor Farm.

Parking: Free for National Trust Card Holders

SatNav: EX20 4BL takes you to the Waterfall entrance and car park. This car park has access to the main Gorge walk.


These kinds of walks really tickle my fancy and I was shocked to find this type of hike in the middle of Southwest England. When walking through this amazing scenic gorge you do come across some challenging highs and lows in the trail and also find some great spots to take photos making it look like you was in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest instead of the south of England.

What's the walk like?

Lydford Gorge is just available by walking; the ways can be steep, tight and dangerous with high drops. There are not generally obstructions or hand rails thus a relative level of wellness and dexterity is required to do the full Lydford Gorge trail. Solid footwear is additionally prescribed, and a mobile post can be exceptionally valuable.

Contingent upon your capacity and time period there are shorter and longer trails accessible, the neighborly guest welcome group are exceptionally proficient about the canyon and will be cheerful to exhort you. On entry you’ll get a guide itemizing the courses; there is a restricted framework set up on the Devil’s Cauldron and Lydford Gorge trails because of the tight ways and absence of passing spots. Permit around two hours to see both the Devil’s Cauldron and Whitelady Waterfall.


Our Experience

One of Devon’s hidden gems, although it can be mistaken for one of those fascinating tropical rainforests that you see in Jumanji. To take it all in, we 100% recommend doing the entire walk, however it is mostly suitable for fit individuals who know a thing or two about hiking.

So if you’ve got a spare three or four hours to spend on this walk (this isn’t some quick and easy walk to do to walk off your Sunday Dinner), then we highly recommend you visit this extraordinary location.

All in all, a great experience. But only if your prepared to get your feet a bit muddy, however the aftermath will be you’ll be rewarded with some breathtaking views (oh and the fresh air of course!).

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