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Outer Hebrides | Hidden Beach in Scotland

Updated: Jan 3

If you go to Scotland, you definitely have to take a visit to this breath-taking island which is the Outer Hebrides. It is described as heaven on Earth; filled with stunning scenery and beaches with the most spectacular colours and clarity.

Image of Outer Hebrides in Scotland.
Photo by @rob.bridge1 on Instagram

If you didn't already know, the Outer Hebrides is a chain of remote islands located in Scotland. The more popular islands in the Outer Hebrides which you've probably heard of/seen on our page are the Isle of Lewis and Isle of Harris. Despite the increase in popularity over the years, it's definitely not as touristy as you'd think!

The Outer Hebrides is one of my favourite place I've ever been too. Everyone who goes to Scotland needs to go there. The nature there is great and the people are friendly. – Google Review

It's no surprise why each year more and more people are visiting the Outer Hebrides. It's mysterious stone monuments and picturesque white sandy beaches are enough to make anyone go! If you fancy a road trip around the UK this year, then take our advice and definitely head to the Outer Hebrides - you won't be disappointed!

Things to know before visiting Outer Hebrides

  • In our opinion, the best island to visit in the Outer Hebrides is the Isle of Lewis.

  • If you're into your wild swimming, then this place is your ultimate paradise!

  • The best time to visit the Outer Hebrides would be between April and October.

  • If you're concerned about midges, then you'll be pleased to know that they're not a huge issue at the Outer Hebrides as the breeze from the Atlantic usually keeps them at bay!

  • The OS grid reference is: NB426340

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