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The Giant’s Causeaway | Hidden Gem in Northern Ireland

Updated: Jan 2

The Giant's Causeaway is one of the natural wonders of the world with a mythology to go with it. It's definitely a must visit especially if you are on the coast, offering breath-taking views across.

Image of The Giant's Causeaway in Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeaway is stunning and the legend/story behind it is quite interesting and cool! The walk down to the Causeaway is around half a mile however it opens up into such gorgeous scenery filled with the ocean and surrounding mountains.

Wow. What an amazing, natural attraction. The rock formations are nothing like I have ever seen, they reminded me of honeycomb. – Google Review

The rocks are really unique and is somewhat different to others across the UK, however please take extra care as they can become quite slippery after rainfall!

Things to know before visiting The Giant's Causeaway

  • The Giants Causeaway is dog friendly.

  • There is parking near The Giant's Causeaway but you may have to pay.

Image of The Giant's Causeaway in Northern Ireland
Photo taken by @nut_phurinut via Instagram.

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