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Three Cliffs Bay | Hidden Beach in Wales

Updated: Jan 3

Three Cliffs Bay is a stunning place with lots of great paths to explore and spectacular rugged cliffs . You do have to walk a little bit in order to get to the beach as there isn't a car park near, but it's definitely worth the effort! One you're at Three Cliffs Bay, you won't want to leave.

Image of Three Cliffs Bay in Wales.
Photo by @oakeeley on Instagram

Three Cliffs Bay really is a stunning location and a must-visit when in Wales. It's regarded by locals as one of the best beaches in Gower, and it's no surprise why with it's stunning scenery with spectacular rugged cliffs. The only downside is there's no parking nearby, so we don't recommend Three Cliffs Bay to those with walking difficulties.

Stunning place, lots of great paths to explore! The beach is beautiful every time of the day. – Google Review

Three Cliffs Bay is a great place to swim, hike and even sunbathe (the main bit of course!). Be careful of the tide though as it does come in very fast. There are several different places to park which ultimately have different routes to get to the beach, so do your research and happy exploring!

Things to know before visiting Three Cliffs Bay

  • Three Cliffs Bay is a sandy type beach.

  • There are lifeguards present at this beach.

  • The postcode for Three Cliffs Bay is SA3 2HD.

  • We can confirm that this beach is dog friendly!

  • The OS grid reference is: SS 5361 8797

Image of Three Cliffs Bay in Wales.
Photo by @sunrise_sunsets_and_stuff on Instagram.

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