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Tiny Scottish island named one of the best hidden gems in Scotland

If you're struggling for ideas on where to head for a summer holiday escaping the crowds, then perhaps you should consider this Scottish island!

If you're after a peaceful staycation, there really is nothing quite like a picturesque Scottish island. Renowned for its captivating views, rugged landscapes, and fascinating history, it's no wonder more people are visiting this island each year.

This Scottish island has a population of around 170 people, making it the ideal destination for a quick break to escape the hustle and bustle.

Image of Iona Island in Scotland.

It's home to a range of walks and hikes, and especially the sandy beaches with turquoise waters. It's also a wildlife hostpot, with a variety of rare birds calling the island home.

As well as that, visitors can visit the most famous and historic building on the island; Iona Abbey. It's among the oldest Christian centres in Europe, and is often considered to be Scotland's birthplace of Christianity.

Image of Iona Island in Scotland.

If you are keen to head somewhere that is as fascinating as it is beautiful, then the Island of Iona could be just what you're after.

When you're not soaking up the Vitamin D on the sandy beaches, you can also visit the nearby Augustinian Nunnery, which is thought to be the most fully complete surviving nunnery complex in the country.

You could also visit the Iona Abbey museum, which features an incredible collection of Celtic gravestones and crosses.

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