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Heart shaped lake most people don't know about in Wales

You'll be surprised at how many Wales explorers have no idea about this beautiful lake which is approximately 600 metres above sea levels in Snowdonia!

We all know how breath-taking the Snowdonia National Park can be; with it's natural beauties and hidden gems attracting many visitors each year to hike it's rugged landscape.

However, tucked away on the eastern side of Snowdon is this little hidden gem, perfect to escape the tourist crowds!

Image of Llyn Glaslyn in Wales

Hikers can also make a nice enjoyable day out when they attempt to explore this hidden gem, as the lake can be reached on a hike in Snowdonia.

It roughly takes 3 hours and 10 minutes in order to complete the Llyn Glaslyn and Llydaw hike, so it is generally a moderately challenging route.

Image of Llyn Glaslyn in Wales

Llyn Glaslyn, which means 'Blue Lake' is an ellipsed-shaped lake which in a way resembles a heart (if you look hard enough!).

For those who love a bit of Welsh history; it was said that Arthur had Bedivere throw his sword Excalibur into Llyn Glaslyn, where Arthur's body was later placed in a boat to be carried away to Afallon.

Will you be adding this lake to your bucket list?

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