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8 Best Hidden Gems around Cheshire

Updated: Jan 3

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten hidden gems scattered around Cheshire.

Cheshire is famous for its countryside, as well as its rich industrial heritage. It's interesting towns surrounding it make Cheshire one of the favourite places for people to visit for a staycation as it's only an hour away from most people.

However, there are quite a few hidden gems near Cheshire which are perfect to venture a little further too just to escape the normal tourists crowds! So sit back, and add some of these Cheshire Hidden Gems to your 2023 bucket list!

1) Waulkmill Waterfall

Waulkmill Waterfall is a perfect hidden gem for all waterfall-lovers who want to escape the crowds. Despite it's recent attraction gains, it still remains very quiet and relatively unvisited. You can enjoy the amazing Bollington walk which leads you to this breath-taking waterfall.

2) Millennium Walkway

If you're visited New Mills, we would definitely add this walkway to the top of your list. The Millennium Walkway is a unique structure which offers stunning views of places which to a normal eye, would be pretty hard to see! The area around the walkway is pretty nice too; with cascading waters and cool paths.

3) Solomon’s Temple

A must-visit hidden gem to those who are visiting Buxton. It's quite an interesting and unique place, and even though exploring the tower can be completed within a few minutes, it's worth to see it for those views at the top of the tower. Since parking is hard to find, we recommend parking at Poole Cavern (£2 - £3 depending on how long you stay for).

4) Three Shires Head

An amazing walk and a perfect trail for families! It offers stunning views and you'll also see some animals such as cows, sheep and even horses. However the best feature of Three Shires Head in our eyes are the waterfalls! You can also go wild swimming in the falls if you wish which we would definitely recommend.

5) Lud's Church

This little gem can be tricky to find, so we recommend keeping an eye on the signposted paths. Located in a very hilly forest, Lud's Church is known for its similarity to a jungle ravine! There are a few different combinations to the walk, and can also be a little mysterious, especially for the little ones!

6) Hanging Stone

The Hanging Stone offers lovely stunning views of The Roaches, in which a path can also be taken to take you to Lud's Church. It's a very simple but interesting location, more known for it's great Instagram photography opportunity when standing on the Hanging Stone.

7) The Roaches

A great location to view some breath-taking views over the lands, as well as hearing nature and the birds. However please be aware of the sudden drops which are located between the rocks; they're very dangerous so please keep a hold of your children if you do visit with them.

8) Blake Mere Mermaid Pool

It's not the best wild swimming spot, however it is one of the closest to Cheshire. It's a beautiful place to swim however as you can overlook The Roaches. The signs do say do not swim (we've seen reports of scrap metal being seen in the water) so please make your own judgement.

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known places which are scattered around Cheshire. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your adventure around Cheshire even more memorable!

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