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Architectural wonder discovered in the middle of a UK forest

A breath-taking abandoned castle in the UK has been labelled as an architectural wonder, with many people not even knowing about it!

This little gem was built in the 1700s, for the ninth Earl of Cassilis which was Thomas Kennedy, however unfortuntely during the 20th century the fortress had fallen into disrepair.

Some visitors have descibed it as a 'fine example of the Georgian era's grand country houses', despite it's current state of ruin.

Image of Dalquharran Castle
Credit: Andy Muir via Flickr.

This hidden gem is called Dalquharran Castle, and has been abandonded for over 60 years. It provides an errie place for explorers to visit in the middle of the Ayrshire countryside.

Dalquharran Castle is now a Category A listed building, which means its considered to be a national/international historic and architectural importance.

The last known use of Dalquharran Castle was a school during the 1960s, before it was abandoned completely.

Image of Dalquharran Castle

Visitors can get to the castle via a simple hiking trail through the woods, running from near the town of Girvan.

A TripAdvisor reviewer labelled this place "a hidden gem in the forest", quoting the following "You take a walk along a dirt track for about quarter of a mile through a forest and then all of a sudden this gem in the forest is in front of you."

Another TripAdvisor reviewer said ""By the end of our visit, Dalquharran Castle had left an indelible mark on our minds, sparking dreams of what might have been and igniting a newfound appreciation for Scotland's architectural wonders."

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