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Disabled Friendly Hidden Gems to visit in Scotland

Updated: Jan 2

Your Ultimate Guide to exploring off-the-beaten track disabled friendly locations scattered around Scotland.

Whether you're looking to explore the picturesque mountains or discover hidden gems perfect for your next picnic, this guide will lead you to some of Scotland's best-kept secrets, ensuring a memorable experience for all!

Here are some of our favourite hidden gems in Scotland which are disabled friendly, however we do recommend doing your own research to ensure they are suitable for you.

So grab your explorer hat, and let's get ready to explore the hidden gems that await you in the gorgeous Scotland!

Image of The Kelpies in Scotland

1) The Hermitage

This region has some beautiful forests and The Hermitage stands out as a wondrous place to visit. The walk from the car park to Ossian's Hall is a flat and easy walk along a dirt track with a few stone steps up to the stone bridge and hall that overlook the waterfall.

If you're very quiet you might see the fairies that inhabit this mossy green place!

Image of The Hermitage in Scotland

2) Blair Drummond Safari Park

Blair Drummond Safari Park is a great day out for all the family. It offers visitors with a great variety of animals who have different types of enrichment in their enclosures.

Also, there are various interesting talks throughout the day, and midweek visits during term time are not too busy.

Image of Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland

3) Calanais Standing Stones

From what other visitors have said, this place makes you feel very spiritual and ethereal in a way especially thinking about the long history and all those who lived before us building and enjoying these stones.

The stones themselves are free to go and see, there is a paid option (only £4 per person for adults) to go into a historical information type room if you are keen on learning more about the history and stories behind the stones.

Image of Calanais Standing Stones in Scotland

4) The Kelpies

These sculptures are truly amazing, the size of them cannot be appreciated until you are actually stood near them. We recommend staying until dark so we could see them lit up, as it's just so beautiful.

Unfortunately there is reduced mobility parking for free, however go past the red barrier and you can park next to the visitors centre!

Image of The Kelpies in Scotland

5) The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is an amazing piece of engineering, and they apparently made a prototype from Lego when designing it!

It's worth nothing that you have to book tickets to go on the boat. Once on the boat, you're taken onto the wheel, and you can't feel it moving. You only know you're moving because the landscape changes.

Image of The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland

6) Culzean Castle and Country Park

We have to say, Culzean Castle is such a cool castle! We have toured several castles throughout the UK, and this was by far one of our favourite. Everything gave you a real sense of how the wealthy people that lives there lived.

As a suggestion, take the path down to the shore over to the side of the garden. It's really nice down there and looks like something from a movie!

Image of Culzean Castle and Country Park in Scotland

We hoped you enjoyed discovering the local finds and less known disabled friendly hidden gems which are scattered around London. We are confident that visiting some of these hidden gems will make your London trip even more memorable!

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