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St Audrie's Bay Waterfall | Hidden Waterfall in England

Updated: Jan 2

What's better than a secluded beach? A waterfall on a secluded beach! St Audrie's Bay Waterfall is a beautiful hidden gem located on a lovely beach in West Somerset and it's definitely worth checking out if you're doing the English Coast Path.

Image of St Audrie's Bay Waterfall in England
Photo taken by @josie_e via Instagram.

Visitors at St Audrie's Bay Waterfall can enjoy the water rolling down the hills of the bay whilst collecting some Vitamin D on a summers day. Even though it is still amazing when it's only a trickle of rain, we definitely recommend having a look after a heavy day of rainfall. Careful though, the waterfall isn't accessible during high tide so make sure to check for tide times before visiting!

Loved my visit here, nice and quiet and loved the little waterfall. The dog absolutely loved exploring the beach too. – Google Review

We've seen people mention how its technically not a waterfall due to it not gushing down loads of water. However, that is nature for you! It obviously depends on when you visit St Audrie's Bay Waterfall, just like any other waterfall in the UK. What's very unique about this one is that it's on a beach!

Things to know before visiting St Audrie's Bay Waterfall

  • Dogs are allowed onto the beach for those wanting to visit this waterfall.

  • Unfortunately this location is not disabled-friendly.

  • In order to get onto the beach, please be aware the path is quite steep. Please take extra caution.

  • The waterfall isn't accessible during high tides, so if you do plan to visit make sure to check the tide times.

Image of St Audrie's Bay Waterfall in England.
Photo taken by @richard.robbins.94 via Instagram.

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