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This UK beach has been ranked in The World's 50 Best Beaches

If you're trying to find a beach in the UK that is 1) one of the best, 2) is hidden and has zero crowds, and 3) gets compared to the Caribbean, then look no further than this beach!

This gorgeous beach has broken into the world's top 50 rankings; with the judges singing its praises due to its white sands and turquoise waters.

It ranked 48th in the annual ranking list put out by The World's 50 Best Beaches, which was voted by numerous travel experts.

Image of Kynance Cove in Cornwall

This little gem is called Kynane Cove, and is located in sunny Cornwall. This 200 metre-long white sandy beach often makes British visitors feel as if they're abroad, and it's no wonder why!

And if that's no impressive on it's own, Kynance Cove was the only British entrant in the top 50 rankings, and was ranked alongside beaches in The Caribbean, Hawaii, Greece and New Zealand.

Image of Kynance Cove in Cornwall

In fact, the travel judges who carried out the rankings said the Lizard Peninsula cove features a resembling to the Caribbean with its shade of turquoise water.

"Famed for its rugged beauty and serpentine rock formations, this stunning cove in Cornwall features a striking landscape with water a shade of turquoise usually seen in the Caribbean," the judges said.

"The combination of turquoise waters and white sand makes it a remarkable standout, especially given its more northern location. At low tide, hidden caves and islands become accessible for exploration, adding to the allure of the area.

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