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These are some of the most disappointing beaches in the UK

The most disappointing beaches in the UK have veen unveiled ahead of this summer, and some of them include spots at some of the most iconic British seaside destinations!

As part of the study, the team created a list of the nations Top 20 most popular beaches, which were then analysed based by the number of one, two and three star reviews (leaving you feeling underwhelmed!).

One popular beach was ranked as the eighth most disappointed beach, despite it being a historic British seaside destination.

Image of beach in the UK

One in six reviews left on TripAdvisor shared their poor experiences on the beach. However despite the poor reviews, majority of the reviews seemed to enjoy their experience at this beach, which was in fact Skegness Beach.

Sadly, the beach which was ranked as the worst beach in the UK had tonnes of boulders on the stretch of its beach in order to protect the seaside town from flooding. Due to this, it's scarred the seafront and it has only left a small sandy part near the pier.

Image of beach in the UK

The most disappointing beaches in the UK are:

  1. North Shore Beach, Llandudno

  2. Morecambe Beach

  3. Weston-super-Mare Beach

  4. Blackpool Sands

  5. Brighton Beach

  6. West Wittering Beach

  7. Formby Beach

  8. Skegness Beach

  9. Camber Sands

  10. Blackpool Beach

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