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This hidden town in the UK looks like an Italian village

Visitors have been talking none stop about this stunning village in the UK which could be mistaken for Italy!

With it's impressive scenery and beachfront, as well as an array of eateries on a backdrop of colouring buildings, it's no suprise why!

This peaceful village in Wales boasts stunning scenery, adorage cottages as well as tropical gardens and even an authentic Italian-style gelato shop.

Image of Portmeirion in Wales

This hidden gem in North Wales which has actually served as a location for multiple TV shows and films boasts palm trees, colourful buildings and outdoor seating overlooking the beautiful seafront.

One reviewer on TripAdvisor said "There's a definite charm about the place, even visiting on a rainy day like we did, and you'd be hard pushed to find anything else like it."

Meanwhile another reviewer added: "We were so lucky that the weather was amazing and you could almost believe you were in Italy."

Image of Portmeirion in Wales

This village is called Portmeriron, and if you are travelling from London, the train will take a minimum of just under 6 hours. From Manchester it will take you around 5 hours and just under 5 hours from Birmingham.

Due to this, many visitors opt to drive or travel by coach when travelling to Wales.

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